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A Story of Passion, Travels and Discoveries

HERITAGE is the result of a life of passion for wine, nature and hospitality. The beauty of such passion lays in the fact it leads to the discovery of other cultures, of geography, of history, of agriculture, of agronomy, of geology, of climatology and ultimately... of winemaking. For the last 14 years we have been discovering this land and each day that passes it amazes us further. We feel it is a privilege to enjoy it and our goal is to share it to the world.

Our Mission

We believe the Penedès region offers one of the most attractive environment in Southern Europe for any traveller. Catalonia is a treasure rich in culture, gastronomy, architecture, museums, art, beaches, mountains and amusement parks. Almost 20 Million visitors come each year and little are even aware of the liquid gold produced locally. We are devoted in showing all wine lovers this other aspect in the best of ways. Based in Vilafranca del Penedès. the Wine Capital of Catalonia, we begin our adventure here and aim to expand further the country's and nation's borders and invite you to join us on this voyage. We are passionate about this land for the legacy it carries. Committed in showing the world the true image and true quality of the Penedès, its wines, and its people. 2000 years ago, the Romans already considered it a jewel of the Mediterranean, and today we bring it to you.

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